e-meeting i2Eye 2021

Innovative Imaging of Eye disease (13 - 15 October 2021)
All of the presentations can be downloaded here:

Day 1 - October 13

Session 1: Photoreceptors - moderator: Jessica Morgan Download video of Session 1
  • Correlation between photoreceptor density in adaptive optics imaging with retinal structure and sensitivity in autoimmune retinopathy - Wataru Matsumiya, Kobe University Japan
  • Utilizing adaptive optics imaging for early detection of disease progression in retinitis pigmentosa - Danial Roshandel, University of Western Australia
  • Drusen visualization using flood adaptive optics - Nathaniel Norberg, Quinze - Vingts Hospital Paris
  • Adaptive optics retinal imaging in patients with Stargardt disease - Melanie Kempf, University of Tübingen, Germany
  • Multimodal clinical imaging with MERLIN - Kiyoko Gocho, Quinze - Vingts Hospital Paris
  • Evaluating rod photoreceptor mosaic topography using AOSLO - Heather Heitkotter, Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Understanding photoreceptor structure, function, and short-term response to gene therapy in choroideremia using adaptive optics ophthalmoscopy - Jessica Morgan, University of Pennsylvania
  • Discussion

  • Session 2: Anterior Segment and Glaucoma - moderator: Ian Sigal Download video of Session 2
  • 3D quantitative ocular anterior segment imaging - Susana Marcos, University of Rochester
  • A high-accuracy digital volume correlation method and its application to acute lamina cribrosa deformations measurement - Fuqiang Zhong, University of Pittsburgh
  • Imaging the anterior segment with laser Doppler holography for blood flow imaging, eye tracking, and transparency assessment - Léo Puyo, University of Lübeck, Germany
  • FFOCT : first clinical cases - Yao Cai, Institut de la Vision Paris
  • Longitudinal measurement of lamina cribrosa deformation induced by chronically elevated intraocular pressure in non-human primates - Ian Sigal, University of Pittsburgh
  • Discussion

  • Day 2 - October 14

    Session 3: Eye Movements - moderator: Christy Sheehy Download video of Session 3
  • Retinal imaging and stimulation for functional, oculomotor, and structural assessment using a high-speed DMD-based AOFIO - Josselin Gautier, Quinze-Vingts Hospital, Paris
  • Understanding subclinical square wave jerks in multiple sclerosis - Luigi S. Pesce Ibarra, C. Light Technologies & University of California, San Francisco
  • Automatic microsaccade segmentation using a 1D artificial neural network - Daniel Lee, University of Pittsburgh
  • Discussion

  • Session 4: Artificial Intelligence and Modelling - moderator: Wei Chen Download video of Session 4
  • Understanding Age-related Macular Degeneration in the Era of Big Data - Wei Chen, University of Pittsburgh
  • Assessing AOSLO image analysis accuracy using ERICA - Laura Young, Newcastle University, UK
  • Deep learning for automated identification of biomarkers for AMD progression - Srinivas Sadda, Doheny Eye Institute
  • Discussion

  • Session 5: Histology and Animal Models - moderator: Anna Verschueren Download video of Session 5
  • Quantitative imaging of optic nerve head collagen microstructure and micromechanics using instant polarized light microscopy - Po-Yi Lee, University of Pittsburgh
  • 3D histology of ocular vessels: optic nerve, choroid, retina and anterior segment - Marie Darche, Quinze Vingts Hospital, Paris
  • Mitochondrial distribution as potential correlates of OCT reflectivity in the outer plexiform layer of human retina - Deepayan Kar, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Histology of aging human photoreceptors in their microenvironment - Anna Verschueren, Quinze-Vingts Hospital, Paris
  • Discussion

  • Day 3 - October 15

    Session 6: Novel Technology - moderator: Egidijus Auksorius Download video of Session 6
  • Fourier-Domain Full-Field Optical Coherence Tomography for Eye Imaging - Egidijus Auksorius, Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Multi-aperture AOSLO imaging of human retinal ganglion cell layer structures in health and disease using a custom designed optical fiber bundle for light collection - Yuhua Rui, University of Pittsburgh
  • Multi-modal and multi-scale clinical retinal imaging system with angiography - Faizan Shirazi, Medical University Vienna Austria
  • Comparison of retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) imaging using a transscleral illumination adaptive optics (AO) camera and Autofluorescence AO Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope - Elena Gofas Salas, Quinze-Vingts Hospital, Paris
  • The future of clinical AO-OCT - Robert Zawadski, University of California, Davis
  • Discussion

  • Session 7: Blood Flow and Vasculature - moderator: Michel Paques Download video of Session 7
  • High bitrate digital holography for ophthalmology - Michael Atlan, Institut Langevin, Paris
  • Exploration of Preferential Site Vulnerability of Capillary Occlusion in Sickle Cell Retinopathy Using OCT Angiography - Richard B. Rosen, New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai
  • Adaptive optics ophthalmoscopy in malignant arterial hypertension - Rana Saad, Quinze-Vingts Hospital, Paris
  • Vascular biomarkers in adaptive optics ophthalmoscopy - Roan van Bakel, Erasmus University, Rotterdam
  • Laser Doppler flowmetry - revisited - Mircea Mujat, Physical Sciences Inc., Andover, MA
  • Multimodal imaging in diabetic retinopathy - Michel Paques, Quinze-Vingts Hospital, Paris
  • Discussion
  • Closing Remarks - Ethan Rossi & Kate Grieve