Our research is focused on studying the structure and function of the normal and diseased retina at the level of single cells in the living human eye. We develop and deploy advanced optical imaging techniques with adaptive optics to study the cellular mosaics of the retina, from the retinal pigment epithelial cells that line the back of the eye, to the photoreceptors that absorb light and initiate the first step of seeing, to the retinal ganglion cells whose parallel neural circuits process visual information and send it along to the rest of the brain. Visual function can be impaired when any of the many different classes of cells in the retina are damaged or lost from causes such as genetic abnormalities, disease or trauma. Understanding the organization of the retina in the normal eye is critical for understanding how the retina is altered in these states, so we often deploy our techniques first on normal eyes to better understand the wide variability of what is normal.

Current Projects

  • Imaging Retinal Ganglion Cells in Glaucoma
  • AMD
  • Collaborators

  • UPMC Eye Center
  • Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh
  • UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program
  • Institut de la Vision
  • Roorda Lab
  • Advanced Retinal Imaging Alliance
  • Publications

    Recent publications

  • Grieve K, Gofas-Salas E, Ferguson RD, Sahel JA, Paques M, & Rossi EA. In vivo near-infrared autofluorescence imaging of retinal pigment epithelial cells with 757 nm excitation, Biomedical Optics Express. 2018 Dec 1; 9(12):5946-5961;
  • Granger CE, Yang Q, Song H, Saito K, Nozato K, Latchney LR, Leonard BT, Chung MM, Williams DR, & Rossi EA. Human retinal pigment epithelium: in vivo cell morphometry, multi-spectral autofluorescence, and relationship to cone mosaic. IOVS; In Press, accepted October 18th, 2018.
  • Song H, Rossi EA, Stone E, et al. Phenotypic diversity in autosomal-dominant cone-rod dystrophy elucidated by adaptive optics retinal imaging." BJO 2018; 102:136-141.

  • NEWS

    Recent News

    October 25th, 2018 University of Pittsburgh Brain Day

    This year's event showcased over 100 posters in two sessions, Bianca presented her ongoing work with TSLO as, "Fixational eye movements (FEMs) following concussion."

    Recent News

    October 8-9th 2018 Paris, France

    Autumn Course on Adaptive Optics Imaging, Quinze-Vingts Hospital & Institut Langevin Paris, France.

    Recent News

    September 21st, 2018 CMU Pittsburgh, PA

    Rossi Lab attended CMU's Forum on Biomedical Engineering where about 300 participants attended the Forum, from CMU, University of Pittsburgh, and 21 other institutions.

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    Kari Vienola, PhD

    Post-Doc Associate

    Min Zhang, PhD

    Software Engineer

    Val Snyder

    Research Coordinator / Imaging

    Person 5

    Bianca Leonard

    Research Assistant / Neuroscience

    Charlie Granger

    Ph.D. Student
    Institute of Optics


    Asad Durrani

    Medical Student


    Kevin Keppel

    Medical Student


    Grace Eddy

    / Neuroscience



    University of Pittsburgh

    Address/ Location:

    Department of Ophthalmology
    University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
    Eye & Ear Institute
    203 Lothrop St. Suite 834
    Pittsburgh. PA 15213