Olivier Martinache

Visiting Research Associate

Olivier studied optics and physics at Institut d’Optique Graduate School (Paris-Saclay University) and graduated in 2022. He then went on to study applied optics as a research engineer at the Quinze-Vingts National Ophtalmology Hospital in Paris. There, Olivier worked in Michael Atlan’s team on the development of the Laser Doppler Holography Device (LDH). He participated as co-author in writing an article about the laser safety of the LDH with a Maxwellian view using a diffuser, and the development of a software enabling the quantitative estimation of blood volume rate in in-plane retinal arteries. After completing a year there, he went in Pittsburgh to promote the collaboration between Quinze-Vingts Hospital and the University of Pittsburgh (via Rossi’s Lab) for 3 months to create the first normative database of patient and healthy eyes with LDH technology in the US.